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How Air Conditioning Works

Air conditioning systems work by moving heat from inside your property to the outside. In a central air conditioning system air is drawn into the ductwork system through the return air system. Installed in the return air ductwork is an evaporator coil. This coil is connected to the condenser, the unit that is outside your home, by copper tubing.

The refrigerant is then pumped from the condenser to the evaporator coil. As the refrigerant passes through the inside of the evaporator coil, warm air from inside your home passes over the outside of the coil. Because the refrigerant is cooler than the warm air, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air. The refrigerant is then sent outside to the condenser unit. When the warmed refrigerant is in the condenser unit it is compressed by the compressor; the compression of the refrigerant causes it to boil. As the refrigerant boils it gives off the heat it picked up from inside your home. The refrigerant is then passed through the coil in the condenser unit where it gets cooled again and is ready to go back inside to pick up more heat from your home.

As this whole process is going on, the temperature and relative humidity in your premises are both lowered. The relative humidity level drops because cooler air cannot hold as much moisture. As the air cools, it gives up some moisture and it gets collected in the base of the evaporator coil and is then drained away.

The styles of indoor unit that we can fit are listed below:-

WALL MOUNTED This unit is often used in residential properties. The wall unit is the quickest to install and the cheapest to buy. So ultimately that means the lowest installed price. The unit is hung on a wall above head height and blows hot or cold air into a room from one louvre.

FLOOR This unit is used when there is no ceiling void or no wall space. It is slightly more expensive to buy than a wall unit but takes about as long to install. It is a little like a radiator except it blows hot or cold air rather than using water.

CASSETTE This unit is often used in offices or retail outlets. The cassette unit is fixed from the roof above a ceiling void and the white four way fascia is the only part of the unit you see. It takes longer to install this unit than a wall mounted and is more expensive to buy but it distributes the air in four directions so gives better coverage and a more gentle air flow.

DUCTED This unit is the "creme de la creme" or the "Rolls Royce" of air conditioning! It is, of course, the most expensive to buy and install but it means the customer sees nothing other than inconspicuous air diffusers in the ceiling. The unit is mounted, as the cassette, above a ceiling and ductwork is installed to carry the air to the diffusers. This gives a very comfortable environment and good coverage.

The good thing about air conditioning is its flexibility. You can run any of the above from one outdoor condensing unit, which is called a "single split". Or you can run a number of indoor units from one outdoor unit, this is called a "multi split". You can even run up to 32 indoor units from one outdoor unit if the need arises, like in a hotel application, this is called VRF, Variable Refrigerant Flow.

So there aren't many applications that can't be heated or cooled by air conditioning. The vital part of any installation is to consider these points:
1. What indoor unit style do you favour?
2. Where can the outdoor unit go?
3. How long would the interconnecting two pipes have to be?
4. Can we use a gravity drain to run away the condensation or do we need a pump?
5. Is there the necessary power requirements in the building?
6. How big is the room?
7. What is the room used for?

Once these points are established a budget price can be confirmed. Clearly there are other factors that determine the design of the unit but these are the basic points.

In the first instance, if, after reading this, you would like to investigate your options further, the next step is to invite Apollo Air to your property so that we can establish exactly what is required. One of our engineers will be only to pleased to assist.

Residential Air Conditioning

Today's residential air conditioning systems allow you to enjoy your perfect indoor temperature in any of the rooms within your home. Most people instinctively associate the term 'air conditioning' with cooling, however most of today's systems are also able to heat and offer an effective level of air filtration.

Commercial Air Conditioning

The presence of air conditioning equipment itself in retail establishments often goes unnoticed by the customer, they simply register comfort and in turn spend more time (and therefore money) when in comfortable and welcoming surroundings. The creation of such comfort also helps to secure repeat business from customers who (albeit perhaps subconsciously) recall their previous visit as being an all-round pleasant experience. The investment in air conditioning equipment not only benefits the customer, as a comfortable working environment is also proven to promote increased staff productivity.

Service & Maintenance

Air conditioning has undoubtedly become an essential component in many of today's businesses. If looked after correctly it will reward you with years of trouble-free service, but if this upkeep is neglected or not carried out correctly the equipment can quickly depreciate from an asset to a liability. Preventative maintenance visits will ensure that your equipment remains running efficiently and effectively, greatly reducing electrical consumption and the risk of a major failure that could prove costly to your or your business. A longer life expectancy of the equipment is assured, as is a fresh and hygienic environment for you at home and your staff at work.

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